Variteks Products


Variteks, in partnership with Standard Korstex Medical and Hygienic Products, has been the leading corporation of medical, orthopedic, and hygienic products in Turkey since 1985, and has continuously sought to improve its production quality as well as organizational structure since the beginning of their partnership as a joint operation.

Variteks prides itself most on the quality items that it manufactures while keeping them at the lowest costs possible, allowing the most consumers to take advantage of their quality products. From the beginning of manufacturing up until the final delivery, Variteks ensures that every step has been perfected to provide the best cost and quality for its customers. Through this strict policy, they have experienced over fifty years of success, accomplishing many firsts and recognitions in the field of orthopedic product manufacturing.

The Turkey-based company now ships products globally and competes in the worldwide markets. Starting out as a small workshop, they now help provide for the orthopedic needs of hospitals and consumers around the world, primarily Europe and specifically Turkey. Its manufacturing plants are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and it also prides itself on its own specialist staff working with their own Research and Development department, who are in charge of pushing the innovations of orthopedic technology to the latest frontiers.

Variteks is a highly sought after brand worldwide in the world of orthopedic products, with a presence in over sixty countries worldwide. For many of its consumers, Variteks products are the best solution when it comes to medical and orthopedic issues. Some of their products include knee braces, varicose stockings, waist corsets, arm slings, wrist braces, liposuction corsets, cervical collars, and many more. They have dozens of certificates that they have earned over the last several decades, and they can be found at their headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey.