Variform Products


Variform3D was founded by a team of certified pedorthists, podiatrists, engineers, and chiropractors who have one goal in mind: supporting labs in the faster creation of orthotics that are cheaper and better than ever before seen in the industry. Variform3D has spearheaded groundbreaking technological orthotic advancements in the last few years, and it offers solutions for both labs and clinics.

Variform3D has helped labs all over the world cut their costs and improve their production quality. By creating state of the art software, they have given labs the ability to digitize any form of cast required; they also manufacture orthotic shells which may be necessary. Unlike other software suppliers, Variform3D gives labs the opportunity to customize their software to whatever needs they may have, in branding or in design. All of these opportunities allow the lab to have:

  • Faster turn-around times
  • Reduced costs
  • Lab specific branding
  • Cutting edge software
  • Digital 3D file generator
  • Simple cast modification software

For clinics who opt to use Variform3D, they will become equipped with state of the art software to better serve the foot-care of their customers. This will help them with casting, storing patient data, and ordering casts and other equipment. This decreases wasted time and helps things move at a quicker pace, allowing casts and other products to get to their customers sooner, speeding up recovery time. Patients can use the graphically rich reports the software provides, detailing all the nuances of their foot, including foot type, arch height, and the differences with other feet.

The Variform3D clinic software provides clinics with the following:

  • IT customer support
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Branding opportunities
  • Instant ordering
  • Biomechanical reports
  • Education tools for patients
  • Easier storage and ordering