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Legs Braces

After undergoing leg surgery or suffering a disability that impairs your walking, your doctor may recommend the use of a leg brace. The leg brace is specialized in assisting the leg’s ligaments and muscles, allowing more freedom in movement and walking. The brace allows easier walking by letting the leg push more strength into the walking itself.

Depending on what you may require, braces can be either soft or hard. The main goal of the brace is to lessen as much pain in the leg as possible, helping the user return to a state of walking. It’s important to note that leg braces aren’t intended to hold its wearer up; instead it is designed to straighten weak joints, allowing the bone structure to support the weight. This results in the regrowth of certain muscles that keep the legs in the correct positions during walking.

What Type of Leg Brace Should I Get?

There are several types of leg braces out there, all meant for different types of leg problems. Long, short, carbon, plastic, leather, solid—whichever you get depends entirely on what you need.

  • Carbon Bracing: A good lightweight and strong material for bracing is carbon. These braces work dynamically, despite not usually having a personal fit with the leg. These are for people who suffer weakness in the feet and legs, or certain tendon injuries and other issues.
  • Post-Operative Braces: If you’ve just come out of a surgery for your leg, these are the braces that you’ll be given. The brace protects the leg from pulling or stretching, giving it the best chance in the healing process. It takes away much mobility, allowing faster recovery time.

Short Articulated Ankle Foot Orthosis: This type of brace is usually short and allows the ankle to bend at the end with an ankle joint; it is also built with special joints that pick up the toes to help the wearer walk. These are used by those with moderate or extreme tendon problems or ankle instabilities. These can also be used if you experience footdrop conditions, or the inability to lift your toes.