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Knee Braces

The knee is highly susceptible to short-term and long-term pain and injury, for athletes and non-athletes alike. As the area that feels the most impact from intense activities and activities as relaxed as walking, the knee occasionally requires support, with or without a pre-existing injury.

Knee braces allow the proper knee support for anyone searching to ease pain in the knee. Available in several materials, types, and designs, from metals to plastics to personalized styles, there will always be a knee brace personally equipped for you.

Types of Knee Braces and Knowing What to Get

  • Prophylactic: Prophylactic braces are some of the most popular braces amongst athletes, due to their ability to prevent injuries in heavy contact sports like football and rugby.
  • Functional: When recovering from a major injury, functional braces are the preferred choice for athletes. They offer the basics when it comes to knee braces: proper control and stabilization, preventing over-extended motions that may lead to recurring injuries.
  • Knee sleeves: While not “braces” like the other types, these are an easy and common choice for convenient knee support. They offer knee join compression, suppressing swelling and pain while allowing the wearer ease in removal.
  • Unloader: Unloader braces are specifically designed for those with histories of arthritis and similar muscle and bone problems. The weight is “unloaded” to a stronger and less injury-prone area of the knee.
  • Rehabilitative: When looking for long-term braces, rehabilitative braces are your perfect option. They force stability around the knee, suppressing motion during the healing process for several weeks.

Is It Time to Get a Knee Brace?

While knee sleeves are freely on the market and open for anyone to buy at any time, other forms of knee braces are usually recommended by your doctor. If you think that you need a knee brace due to pain or swelling around the knee, approach your doctor for a professional recommendation.

With many different kinds of knee braces, there are also different ways to apply your knee brace therapy—some are worn for weeks at a time, while others are worn only during physical activity.