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Genu Grip is part of the Dyna brand, a group of off-the-shelf orthopedics appliances created by the company Dynamic Techno Medicals, which is one of the largest manufacturers of products that range from Sports and Medical Supports, Compression Stockings, Orthopedic Appliances, Silicone Foot Care Products, and Surgical Dressings and Bandages, located in Kerala, India. With nearly 5000 employees, Dyna is a private company that has been creating orthopedic appliances and similar products since the 1980s.

The Genu Grip is a specially designed knee brace created by Dynamic Techno Medicals that uses 3D knitted compression braces and combines these with the accuracy of fusion technology and the modern aesthetic designs of 3D knitting. This type of material stretches all four ways, thus offering as much compression as necessary, allowing normal blood circulation, and prevents uncomfortable constriction.

This material is breathable which reduces the accumulation of sweat and allows healthy air circulation for the knee, which other knee braces do not necessarily provide. The knee’s soft tissues and ligaments are given gentle massaging by the specially shaped silicone pressure pads installed at the patellar region of the brace. If correct fitting is accomplished, these anatomically shaped braces will prevent slipping and bunching of the material. Blood circulation will be improved while walking and doing other activities, which helps in swelling and bruising reduction.

To use the Genu Grip knee brace, all you have to do is slip the product up your leg, while making sure that the knee joint connects with the blue colored band at the center of the product. The patella must also be tracked properly in the silicone patellar pad. When removing, simply slip the product down your leg with a downward tug. The Genu Grip is recommended for those experiencing or requiring post-operative rehabilitation, post-operative support, patellar dislocation, arthritis pain, sprains and strains, and those who may need prophylaxis during sports.