Dyna Products


Dyna is the brand-name of off-the-shelf orthopedic appliances created by the company Dynamic Techno Medicals, which is one of the largest manufacturers of products that range from Sports and Medical Supports, Compression Stockings, Orthopedic Appliances, Silicone Foot Care Products, and Surgical Dressings and Bandages, located in Kerala, India. With nearly 5000 employees, Dyna is a private company that has been creating orthopedic appliances and similar products since the 1980s.

Dyna uses the latest German and Italian machinery in creating its products, in four manufacturing plants that export to over thirty countries. Many of their products can be bought on the major shopping outlets online, and they manufacture privately for major European and Australian corporations.

Dyna’s motto is to help its customers “Rediscover Comfort In Life”. In 1980, which the World Health Organization dubbed “The Year of the Disabled”, Dynamic Techno Medicals was granted the “Assist the Disabled” project by the Indian government. Because of this opportunity, Dynamic quickly spread, expanding the range of technology and products they developed, and becoming the first Indian company to meet the British Pharmacopeia standards in the late 80s.

By the 90s, Dynamic launched its Domestic Marketing Division, and soon after established its own research and development division. By the late 90s, Dynamic was a global empire, with a presence in over forty countries on six continents. Since then, Dynamic has consistently raised the bar for Indian-produced orthopedic appliances, and has continued to lead the way of research and development in this field.

Aside from purchasing their products on various outlets online as well as their website, Dynamic Techno Medicals offers customers two Artificial Limb Centers, where they give personalized support and care, consulting, and diagnostic services for anyone with orthopedic needs. They offer prosthetics, orthotics, and pedorthics, and both centers can be found in Kerala, India.